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ID picture of Wilson Maceda Cinco


  • Ability to conceptualize and design company logos with meaningful colors and symbols
  • Ability to create / edit / manipulate graphics using CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand (PC or Mac)
  • Ability to create web buttons, bars and backgrounds easily.
  • Ability to create animations using Adobe Imageready.
  • Sample Designs:


  • Ability to create / layout publications (books, magazine, newspapaers, newsletters, manuals, etc.) using Pagemaker/Appleworks for camera-ready, pre-press purposes.
  • Ability to create color-separated copies of layout for pre-press publications.
  • Ability to strip negative / positive films for pre-press plating



  • Windows and Mac Operating System
  • Knowledge in file transfers, incompatibility problems, etc.
  • Softwares used:
    • Microsoft Office & Appleworks
    • Dreamweaver
    • Freehand
    • CorelDraw
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Imageready
    • Adobe Pagemaker
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Netfinder (Mac) and WS FTP (Windows)


  • Ability to assemble PCs.
  • Ability to troubleshoot PC problems, software or hardware.
  • Ability to install various softwares starting from unformatted hard disks.


  • Typing speed: 50 wpm.
  • Ability to create ad copies for presentation purposes.
  • Ability to tutor direct to the point.


  • Keen comprehension.
  • A do-it-yourself person.
  • Innovative/creative.
  • Always looking for a better way to do things faster and more efficient without sacrificing quality.
  • Regularly developing new ideas.
  • Always wanting to learn more.


  • 2000-present
    • Offering desktop publishing/printing services.
    • Offering web-creating services
      (freelance and project-based)

  • 1995-1999
    • Managed my own company, DySolution Printing, offering full printing press services from conceptualization to designing to camera/stripping to mass producing and finally delivery.
    • Learned to run the business with almost no capital.
    • Developed the ability to talk with people and negotiate.
    • Developed the quoting skills of the trade.
    • Developed proofreading skills.
    • Developed conceptualizing skills.

  • 1993-1995
    ESB Printing Press
    9th Ave., Cubao, Q.C.
    Head Layout/Graphic Artist
    • Developed expertise in MAC environment.
    • Developed pre-press process skills.
    • Developed layout/graphic expertise.
    • Developed one-on-one client interaction.

  • 1992-1993
    TM Specialist
    Aurora Blvd. cor. EDSA, Q.C.
    Layout/Graphic Artist
    • Started as a typesetter and later became graphic artist.
    • Was given the break and freedom to create and conceptualize using original ideas.


  • Jan.-Apr. 1990
    dBASE III+ crash course with OJT

  • Jul.-Dec. 1991
    STI-Morayta, Manila
    Computer Fundamentals
    COBOL Programming


  • 1986-1987 BS Psychology
    Far Eastern University
    Morayta, Manila

  • 1984 Arellano High School
    T. Alonzo, Manila
    Rated 93% at the National College Entrance Exam
    Rondalist of the Year


  • Guitar-playing since 8 years old. (Was a band member - professional lead guitarist from 1985-1988; currently a classical guitarist.)
  • Basketball


Sex Male
Civil Status Married
Nationality Filipino
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 130 lbs
Age 36 yrs. old
(April 10, 1968)


Dr. Rey Evasco Ms. Rhea Belga
Mr. Adriano Pantino
Director Sr. Section Chief Realty Broker
Intellectual Property Office Equitable PCI Bank Jerusaland Realty Corp.
Makati City Greenhills Shopping Center San Pedro, Laguna
752-5450 loc. 401 721-0515 / 721-5556 847-6565