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Youth Sector Mr. John Alvin E. Moises B5 L1 Conpil Village, San Pedro, Laguna May 12, 1982 847-3544
Civic Sector Mr. Emilio Bergantiños #12 Sto. Niño St., San Pedro, Laguna December 21, 1918 869-0133
Veterans Sector Mr. Vicente Remoquillo #16 Luna St., Poblacion, San Pedro, Laguna July 24, 1924 808-3959
Cooperative Sector Mr. Romeo B. Villalon United Bayanihan, San Pedro, Laguna November 20, 1934 868-1726
Medical Sector Dr. Jose R. Carrillo 3M Carillo Bldg., San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna Sept. 5, 1934 869-2504
Religious Sector Fr. Ramon R. Carrillo Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro, Laguna January 9, 1956 869-2742
Industrial Sector Engr. Romulo F. Gines B11 L10 Jasmin St., Elvinda Village, San Pedro, Laguna July 1, 1938 869-0413
Medical Sector Dr. Clodualdo S. Manas 314 Brgy. Nueva, San Pedro, Laguna December 27, 1923 869-0712
NGO Sector Bro. Tito S. Salud GSIS Village, San Pedro, Laguna March 7, 1938 868-6452
Justice Sector Mr. Rodrigo V. Coseco #58 Sampaguita Ave., Sampaguita Village, SPL July 4, 1938 808-1934
Youth Sector Ms. Julie Ann V. Esplana B2-A L4 Tanguile St., Calendola Village, SPL September 21, 1983 808-1802
Justice Sector Mr. Eusebio H. Gatbonton #9 Bagtihan St., Calendola Village, SPL August 14, 1937 868-4714
Civic Sector Mr. Guillermo Castasus #127 R. Berroya, San Pedro, Laguna February 10, 1928 869-0382

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